As a Furniture Design and Sculpture major with a Book Arts minor at Herron School of Art and Design, my interests far exceed one discipline. The forms my pieces often take are inspired by circles, organic shapes, or iconography of forms in nature. The past few years’ journey has been rooted in experimentation to discover what materials and combination thereof lend themselves most readily to becoming the shapes I design, while remaining functional and cohesive. I find myself drawn towards fiber, wood, acrylic, and metals, combining these materials when I can.

Over time, my work has grown more conceptual, my most recent pieces relating to my diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis in May 2018. This sprung a series of cloud-shaped objects and my desire to create as many clouds in as many materials and expressions as possible. The clouds represent the feeling of “brain fog”, a common symptom experienced with MS. They also suggest unpredictability, as both the weather and the course of MS are uncertain. These shapes are a playful and whimsical way of portraying an otherwise difficult conversation.

I am currently living and studying in Indianapolis, Indiana.