“Undertaking” is a wall hung piece that contains a collection of five simplistic cloud forms. The two largest clouds are approximately 26 and 20 inches across. These clouds are made of bent and welded steel rod wrapped in tulle, creating a simple cloud outline in both lavender and pastel blue. These clouds are adorned by three smaller, solid cast bronze clouds ranging from approximately 7 to 10 inches across.

This piece is a continuation of my exploration of cloud iconography in various materials. The cloud form is my own representation of myself and my diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis in a playful manner. The clouds represent the cloudy thinking or “brain fog” that I oftentimes experience. They are also a reference to the unpredictability in my disease, as both MS and the weather share this quality. The clouds can be friendly and kind, or they can bring unrelenting and harsh conditions.

This piece in particular is a glorification of the cloud form. This piece elicits is a feeling of royalty.

Cassy Coha is a mixed-media artist and maker currently studying in Indianapolis, Indiana.