The Grand Scheme

“The Grand Scheme” is an installation of twenty soft sculpture clouds hanging at various heights and distances from one another. The clouds are featured in three colors: dark grey, blue, and purple each in three sizes. The clouds each have a smaller white cloud printed on the front and back sides. The sewing seems and thread are left visible.

These clouds are presented in a way to invite and surround the viewer. The clouds are meant to be playful and colorful while also leaving the suggestion of their looming. The title, “The Grand Scheme,” relates to the beauty and simplicity of the objects despite whatever their presence as clouds may mean – stormy conditions or simply some scattered clouds on an otherwise sunny day.

Clouds have been a staple icon in my artwork as of late. To me, clouds symbolize both a turbulence and calmness, as well as unpredictability. Having been recently diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis, an unpredictable disease, I feel especially close to this concept. In addition to this, my disease often makes me feel “cloudy” or in a foggy state. Clouds are a simple, playful way to represent both me and my struggles without a directly solemn allusion.

Cassy Coha is a mixed-media artist and maker currently studying in Indianapolis, Indiana.