Evolution of my Sea (in Cubic Feet)

“Evolution of my Sea (in Cubic Feet)” is an installation of six dyed, stuffed canvas cubes. The cubes are each dyed a shade of teal, ranging from a light blue to a deeper, dark sea green. They are approximately 12x12x12” after being stuffed and sewn together.

The intention of these cubes was to present a domestic, soft take on a minimalist object. The forms reference the minimalist movement in sculpture with very differing materials. As a Furniture Design major who is also very interested in fiber art, this piece was an intersection of my interest in both design and fiber.

During the process of making, I noticed the way the dye set made the cubes appear to reference the ocean. The volumes of oceans are often estimated in cubic measurements, and I found the color gradient in the cubes resembled the depths of water. The presentation of these colors linearly led me to conclude an assumption of change in the piece. This influenced my decision to leave the edges unfinished, as with change there is often a feeling of vulnerability and incompletion. It also further visually intensifies the fibrous nature of the cubes. This thought process is also how I came to name the piece.

Although these cubes in their current state are presented in a linear installation as originally intended, this piece has potential for many different presentations.

Cassy Coha is a mixed-media artist and maker currently studying in Indianapolis, Indiana.