Hand Sewn Coffee Table

“Hand Sewn Coffee Table” is made up of a CNC cut sheet of ¼” acrylic in the shape of three composite circles. It is held up by three circular steel stands, each with 3 supporting legs, standing at approximately 18” tall. The steel stands are connected to the tabletop by rope sewn into holes drilled through the acrylic. The rope secures the stands while also leaving decorative circle-shaped stitching on the top of the table. Each circle uses a different rope color: light pink, tan, or turquoise.

This coffee table was created as an experiment with materials in creating formal and functional furniture. Sewing the top and stands of the table was not only a formal decision, but also a functional one. The circle shapes of the steel stands mimic the composite circle table, and as such the “sewing” done to connect the stands are also circular shapes. The colors were chosen in homage to muted primary colors, but this table could be created with many combinations of color.

Cassy Coha is a mixed-media artist and maker currently studying in Indianapolis, Indiana.